STEM+E Summit x EdTech Demo Day 2021 is the FIRST-EVER exploration to Cyberport EdTech Community Companies. It serves as a bridge between EdTech Innovators and Enthusiastic Educators, where refreshes educators’ eyes with ground-breaking and down-to-earth EdTech solutions and products. Ultimately, it aims to foster the school EdTech deployment and STEM Education, for the sake of optimizing flexibility, efficiency, and effectiveness in the process of learning and teaching.

Feature 20+ eye-opening and implementable EdTech & STEM Education Solutions and Products

Introduce major funding schemes to support school continuous development

Exchange ideas and plans amongst schools and EdTech entrepreneurs

Welcome All Principals & Teachers to Join

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Ir. Eric Chan Chief Public Mission Officer Hong Kong Cyberport

Hong Kong Cyberport and STEM+E Consortium are pleased to present the STEM+E Summit x EdTech Demo Day.

From cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain to daily life applications including FinTech, smart living and digital entertainment solutions, the digital economy’s major growth engines are all technology-driven. It’s no wonder why tech-savvy talent is in huge demand.

STEM education is the key that open the doors of innovation and technology for our younger generation. It paves the way for young people to seize future job opportunities, or to become entrepreneurs with their own technology venture businesses.

Hong Kong’s Government is committed to promoting STEM education and has allocated tremendous resources to help primary and secondary schools implement relevant initiatives. However, these efforts by the government and schools are not just the foundation. Teachers need well-designed and comprehensive teaching materials and solutions to support their teaching. To this end, the innovation and technology sector can be a useful and an important partner.

Cyberport houses more than a hundred EdTech start-ups, many of which specialise in STEM education solutions or have technological innovation that inspire STEM Education. The demo day aims to provide a platform for teachers and other educators to learn about STEM education solutions that can facilitate their work and ease their pressure. These solutions come from both Cyberport community and the external market. For schools looking for EdTech solutions, Cyberport is delighted to bridge them to relevant start-ups.

I would also like to express my most sincere gratitude and appreciation to the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO), The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, Hong Kong Science Park and STEM PLUS for their support of this event.

The demo day is just the beginning. Cyberport will continue to promote EdTech development, and to support the education sector’s digital transformation through ongoing activities and initiatives. I wish all the participating schools a rewarding and fruitful experience from the Summit.

Joseph Koc Convener STEM+E Consortium

No one would disagree that our world is ever-changing, and changing more rapidly by the day. Innovations and inventions, especially those of technological nature, are leaving their footprints in every aspects of our lives: at home, at school, and at work.

Names such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Chrome were unheard of just over 15 years ago. In the workplace, new job types and titles - Data Scientist, Grab Driver, KOL, were not even invented yet.

The lesson we learn from history, is that history will repeat itself. We had very little idea our homes and workplaces would become the way it is today. The same concept will continue to apply: we do not know what our future holds. The only one thing we know is that it will be very different from today.

It is a cliché, but change is the only thing that is constant.

So how can we prepare our children for their future without knowing what the future is going to look like?

With its inception in 2019, it is the belief of the STEM+E Consortium that by nurturing and fostering of life skills in our students, they will be ready to stand up to challenges that will come their way. Four essential life skills to be precise: Creative mindset, critical thinking, resilience, and perseverance.

Roosevelt once said “We Cannot Always Build The Future For Our Youth. But We Can Build Our Youth For The Future”



Avatech Innovation Limited
STEM Education

Avatech Cultivates the Next Generation Creators by Offering STEAM Education And AR/VR Courses

Farmacy HK Limited
STEM Education

A Smart Indoor Mobile Farm to Empower Our Partners to Farm in the Heart of Our City

iSTEM Limited
STEM Education

iSTEM Supports you with AI, VR And Gamification Together With Our Online Learning Platform iSTEM AI

MakeOmnia Limited
STEM Education

Mago Mini is a Small, Portable and User-Friendly Mini 3D Printer

Peanut King Solution
STEM Education

Connect Local Education with Leading Tech and STEM Tournaments to Promote Innotech Development

Printact Limited
STEM Education

Printact is a STEM Educator & Developer in Biotech & DeepTech (AI, Blockchain & Quantum Computing)

Smarthon Limited
STEM Education

A Hong Kong Based Company Who Designs and Manufactures, Micro:bit Learning Kit

AESIR Limited
Immersive Learning & EduTainment

AR VR Social Enterprise in Gamification Education

ConnectAR Limited
Immersive Learning & EduTainment

Storytellar is a Context-Based E-Learning Tool that Makes Remote/Blended Learning Effective And Fun!

e2Sports Limited
Immersive Learning & EduTainment

"e²sports" Promotes Positive Education And Learning Through E-Gaming

Formula Square Holdings Limited
Immersive Learning & EduTainment

STEAM Education by Demonstrating How Theories Can Be Applied in Reality Through Interesting Programs

Softmind Ltd
Immersive Learning & EduTainment

A Group of Engineers And Artists Who Focus on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

ESG Matters Limited
Learning Solution

Your Indispensable ESG Monitoring and Reporting Tool for a Smart Campus

Find Solution AI Limited
Learning Solution

Innovate the Learning Era An Awards - Granted Education-focused Ai Company | 4 LittleTrees

Global Sunrich Limited
Learning Solution

Global Sunrich Limited mainly provides different e-learning solutions

Hidden Boss Limited
Learning Solution

Hidden Boss Focuses on Education Technology to Support Schools in Learning, Teaching and Administration

IOT Solution Limited
Learning Solution

IOT Academy - Online and Offline Learning Platform 'Embrace Inno-Future Cultivate Inno-Talent'

MommyDaddyMe Limited
Learning Solution

Global EdTech Platform Delivering World Class Learning

Snaildy Education Limited
Learning Solution

A Friend of Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Speechx Ltd
Learning Solution

Developing AI products for English Learning to Provide High Quality English Education to People

Aerosim (HK)
Immersive Learning & EduTainment

Total Solutions on Aviation Training & Education Technology for Next Generation Learning

CHAIN Technology Development Co.Limited
Learning Solution

Co-create the Smart Campus

InspireLab Limited
STEM Education

InspireLab creates STEM & EdTech products to inspire the future generation for innovation.

Livin Farms
STEM Education

Advancing Environmental Education & Pioneering Sustainable Technologies through the World of Insects

Vitargent (International) Biotechnology Limited
STEM Education

Vitargent is a pioneer in the field of safety testing technology

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